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There would be no innovation without sustainability, this is the theme

C&C Milano have distinguished themselves over the years, producing their own electricity and thus becoming autonomous, reducing the use of plastics in general, using recycled paper in everyday activities. The use of natural fibers (mainly linen) has been part of our identity for over 150 years, and has allowed a wide variety of recycling of our products.

The productive wastes are stored up for the realization of the samples and reused to make small finished items for the house decoration. The tailoring workshop in particular recycles on a daily basis some of the precious fabrics previously discarded.

In the C&C Milano range of products for the decoration of the bed, quilts have always been the protagonist. From 2020 on the C&C Milano offer includes an exclusive padding that will add an additional layer of warmth to our sheets, in the form of a cashmere filling, innovative and eco-friendly, made with high quality materials.

It is an absolute novelty, which allows comfort and breathability, thermal insulation at the same time performing and ‘stylish’ (the external lining can be chosen among the usual fabric collection).

It is thus possible to exchange the air needed to retain the heat and maintain the moisture in the body. The usual range of fabrics in our collections is then used for external customization. C&C Milano is aware that conscious consumption and a waste-free future are a duty and an obligation for all of us.


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