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Fire-retardant fibers

The fire-retardant fabric range is a perfect blend of heritage styling and premium performance

Fire retardant fabrics various colours

Under the frame of luxury living, a collection of performance fire-retardant fabrics finally allows many designers and their clients to customize their spaces like they never did before. The perfect fire-retardant fabric for a sophisticated and stylish project including upholsteries, curtains or wallcovering is always difficult to be discovered in the midst of the huge offer that is presented to us and who make big promises.

We can say that luxurious space is created through the warm and the sense of welcome that you feel when you walk through a front door. Both public and private spaces should convey a sense of quietness, which is always the result of a balance between impeccable design and craftsmanship. C&C Milano fire-retardant fabrics for the contract and residential spaces combine the freedom to enjoy unique experiences and quality in all its detail, and a luxury lifestyle.

C&C Milano’s mission is to create a complete vision for the decoration of a home or a hotel. This can mean providing high quality standard fabrics to create a relaxing still charming atmosphere that awakens all the senses and inspires you. A desirable public location needs C&C Milano valuable fire-retardant fabric to connect the interior and natural exterior environment, pampering the senses. 

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