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Linen is the quintessence of natural fabrics, the one that represents the best good value and it’s timeless

Linen Cerro Garza white and beige

In 1922 the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened, and the linen tents that were kept there for 3250 years were found intact. Linen is venerable (linen textiles seem to be some of the oldest in the world) but modern at the same time; it’s elegant, natural, antiallergenic, absorbent and thermal (the fiber absorbs moisture and dries quickly, always smooth to the touch), strong (two-three times the strength of cotton) and enduring. Linen is natural and ecologically friendly, with a very ‘relaxed’ look. Linen is exclusive with limited international distribution.

Linen flowers come from the North West of France and West Belgium. This is the area that produces the best raw linen in the world, thanks to a mixture of minerals, water, sun and humidity. Like wine, the origin determines the character. If handled correctly, linen is one of the most resistant and durable fabrics in the world. Today linen is back on the rise, because it is ecological, a friend for health and skin.

Linen has been in the Castellini Family background for several generations. C&C Milano linen embodies Italian taste and elegance, and enhances a lifestyle, rather than follow any trends. C&C Milano explored since the beginning the timeless striped linen ‘beach’ textiles that were produced by the old Castellini family firm since the beginning of the century to make the famous deckchairs seen along the Mediterranean coast and the famous Lido in Venice.

C&C Milano wants their fabrics to be simple and elegant, and there is no doubt that linen among all fabrics is the fabric that we could use or live comfortably with. Linen is extremely suitable for upholstery and its traditional qualities work well also with antique furniture. When used in a contemporary setting it will look appropriate in any way. With C&C Milano 3 meters width linen you can make

Linen is a fabric that seems always to look better after repeated laundering, as its sheen and polish improve with age. However, it can shrink a lot, so always wash it before making it up, when you know it will be used for something that will be washed rather than dry-cleaned.

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