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For a traditional and theatrical approach use velvet, effective and intriguing fabric of a thousand reflection

Cushion in velvet Doge with piping

Velvet is a real “classic”; its ancestry can be traced back over the centuries, its traditional qualities hold firm. Soft and supple, it can easily fall into the luxurious category.

Velvet can be defined as the most accessible among luxury fabrics, and the most famous because of its lovely texture. Its soft shine and its variation in colors make velvet welcome in any smart interior, be it modern and minimalist or luxury villa style.

Most velvet is now made of cotton, viscose or polyester for a shinier impact, and finished velvet can be printed or crushed for a bohemian, romantic decorative effect.

Velvet gives to C&C Milano curtains, throws and cushions a seductive touch, and it’s incomparably effective and intriguing when combined with linen. Designers across the world love to work with C&C Milano’s velvets like Fauno, Mito, Narciso, Pegaso, Doge, Fenice, Chimera. Divina Commedia (100% Trevira CS) is a fire-retardant velvet, while Riva (100% solution dyed Acrylic) an Outdoor. Dark and opulent or airy and cool, any interior can glow with richly colored velvet at windows, on the seat of the chairs, on furniture, or set against a backdrop of equally sumptuous color or pattern.

Visually, luxurious velvets are a feast. Their colors are always rich and may also incorporate gold or silver reflections. Modern luxuries like cashmere and faux fur are sufficiently soft and smooth to be made with velvet into bed covers, throws and other accessories.

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