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Emanuele Castellini’s great-grandfather was one of the founders of the biggest Italian Linen Yarn Mills. He found linen to be a material of great integrity and pursued the endeavor because:

· Linen is venerable but modern at the same time.

· Linen is elegant, natural, antiallergenic, absorbent & thermal.

· Linen is strong and [longstanding] enduring.

· Linen is natural and ecologically friendly, with a very ‘relaxed’ look.

· Linen is exclusive with [a very small] limited international distribution.


Linen flowers come from the North West of France and West Belgium.

This is the area that produces the best raw linen in the world, thanks to a mixture of minerals, water, sun and humidity. Like wine, the origin determines the character.


If handled correctly, linen is one of the most resistant and durable fabrics in the world.

· Do not dry on high heat or tumble dry for an excessive amount of time [a long time]. Do not iron when damp.

· The more you wash linen the more it becomes soft and lustrous. For a smoother finish add additional water.

· With dark colours, if you want to avoid shiny spots press it on the wrong side.


C&C Milano offers the following [provides its customers with] suggestions on how to maintain the appearance [splendor] of the product for as long as possible. This is general advice, normally carried out when caring for these sorts of precious items.

Additionally follow the instructions as indicated on the label of each item.

· We recommend using mild liquid soap (more delicate on fabrics than powder) to machine wash the textiles with water, avoiding optic or chlorine detergents.

· Wash the products gently and separately and do not leave them in the washing machine once the cycle is finished.

· Line dry the fabrics without overlapping colours.

· Flat iron while preferably still damp.

The craftsman-like construction of every item makes it possible to repair any damage with the professional assistance of C&C Milano workshop tailors, an essential added benefit that only the exclusivity of home-made production offers. In addition, assuming proper use and care is taken of its fabrics, C&C Milano guarantees mending of any possible manufacturing defect the customer may identify.


Normally the design for the fabrics in 140/150 cms width runs along the length of the fabric (VERTICAL).

For fabrics in double width (260/330 cms.) the design runs along the width of the fabric (selvedge to selvedge).

(Horizontal) For example, the width of the fabric can be used for the curtain drop (length of stripes).

Some stripe designs are different from the standard, so please always check within the single fabric page or contact our Customer Service.


Fabrics can be reserved, according to the stock availability, for no longer than two weeks contacting us at the following number (+39)0321960531 or email address cristinafranchino@cec-milano.com.


Linen is not inherently fire resistant therefore we reproduce our linens in Trevira CS.


Yes it can be, but the colour can easily fade. As an alternative we offer an ‘Outdoor’ collection with the look of Linen.


Our home collection is entirely made in Italy. Most of our fabrics are woven in Northern Italy, in the Milano area.


Under the section products it is possible to find our collection divided by category. It is also possible to apply customized filters. For “only a few left” or “out of stock” products we suggest to contact our office for more info.


First of all please check the inventory. If the fabric chosen is discontinued and not in stock, please contact our Customer Service in order to check if the fabric can be produced. In case it is still in collection but not in stock, the Customer Service will be able to give you shortly a lead time. Regarding the finished products, normally you can consider 6 weeks after the 50% deposit on the quote or proforma-invoice.

Please note we are unable to reimburse shipping costs.


In case of damaged or faulty fabric, we will request a photo of the fabric and will evaluate the solutions. Alternatively, if you have ordered the wrong fabric, we may exchange the material with a 30% surcharge, excluding shipping fees.


Photo shooting requests have to be submitted by email to sabrinavalsecchi@cec-milano.com.

Images and other multimedia contents can be used with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (By-Nc-Nd 4.0), more info at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.

Ensure to report on every image and multimedia content C&C Milano credits and website link. For other requests, please contact us at the following number (+39)0321960531 or email address sabrinavalsecchi@cec-milano.com.  


Nowadays, customers buy mass-produced products, manufactured in large factories with no real detail or quality to save on costs. Our products are tailored to offer the client a one-of-a-kind article. Our ‘special’ and ‘custom made’ options, offer even further opportunities to customize your purchase. With our fabrics supplied in double width for furniture, curtains, bedding, or from our home collection, rugs, outdoor and fire-resistant fabrics our clients will be spoilt for choice.


Yes, please email your request to our Customer Services.


Yes, it is one meter.


In order to allow clients to experience our products, fabric samples are available for free at C&C Milano showrooms. It is also possible to request free samples on our website clicking on the button “Request sample”, upon registration. We reserve to contact our clients for helping them in selecting fabrics. Custom made rug samples are a payment service; we recommend clients to contact us for delivery dates and quotes (they may vary according to samples dimensions) at the following number (+39)0321960531 or email address cristinafranchino@cec-milano.com.


It is possible to purchase products directly on our website but only those no longer available on the catalogue (OUTLET).


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