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Fabrics to dress up and to cover up This is C&C Milano’s first mission

Never before have been style and tastes so personal a matter. C&C Milano proposes a wide range of such eye-catching colors that we cannot fail to be seduced. All experts agree that colour is an essential part of our experience. Color communicate, that’s why it can produce a total change of the atmosphere in a room.

Lively or neutral colours, solids, printed…only the desire to match the décor of the room to our personal taste can dictate the choice, but there’s a way to compete with the most recent interior decoration trends: get a valuable home décor consultant at a certificated flagship C&C Milano Showroom.

Fabrics, paint and other decorative elements in a kitchen are most likely to be yellow or green range. Yellow is a really invigorating colour, and it is best used in daytime areas, because of its stimulating qualities. In bedroom fabrics and walls are mostly calm hues of any colour to promote restfulness: mauve, mossy green, light blues or browns reflect favourably on our mood. A C&C Milano home décor designer can help you decorate any room in a colour’s theme or just neutral tone, enlivened by splashes of bright strong colours.

They can also suggest you how to use techniques to make a small space seem larger, or how to throw brilliant colours into relief (like cushions on a sofa or on a bed). C&C Milano’s solutions include also how to add softness and suppleness to our bedrooms, through the use of cashmere, silks and wools.

As well as using cashmere and wool to cover furniture, you can make curtains and cushions with it, and use it to cover screens or doors or walls. Wool in particular can be a hard-working fabric, wonderfully versatile but generally considered too heavy and warm for urban decoration, because of its inevitable association in our minds with the blankets in our beds and our pullovers.

The countless types of fabrics available in all their beauty and variety of finish, colour, pattern, and above all wonderful textures, will be will be made available by C&C Milano staff, who will become your personal home décor consultant.


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