Bathrobe in cotton terry colour cream and Kimono neck
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How would you accessorize your bathrobe? With an embroidery or a border?

Bathrobe in cotton terry colour cream and Kimono neck

To create an elegant bathrobe it’s important to choose neutral colors and then complete them with color accents. To create a sense of balance, it is preferable not to deviate much from the color of the base, unless it is an extremely interesting contrast, such as white-grey, white-blue, white- dark red.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things enriches the soul. A bathroom with good design requires a combination of accessories and linens of excellent quality. The C&C Milano challenge is the production of home accessories and house clothing of high-quality materials that meet with impeccable finishes to the increasingly imperative demand of perfection.

C&C Milano bathroom sets are exclusive and produced one by one; bathrobes can have contrasting borders, but they can also be completely doubled in linen, for an effect of total and unparalleled elegance. Of course, the initials on the bathrobe are an additional 'trademark' that attests to the uniqueness and perfection of the garment.

To give oneself a tailor-made bathrobe means to give oneself a personal and unique creation, a reflection of our personal taste. Each C&C Milano bathrobe has a story to tell, and each piece is manufactured by skilled tailors with keen attention to detail.

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