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Handmade, Italian quality bed linen: enjoy the best luxury sheets, duvet covers, quilts, wool and cashmere blankets

Making the bed becomes a pleasure rather than a chore when it involves a choice between the softness of a fine cotton fabric, or the delicacy of linen sheets with a stitch embroidery enhanced by your initials. Whatever the choice, the sheets then can be hidden under a cashmere blanket, or a luxurious quilt. Cotton bed sheets are so soft and light that the effect is that of being caressed, while linen fabrics are a subtle mixture of firmness and suppleness, giving an austere softness that feels wonderful whether smoothed or crumpled. Textile can ...

play a large part in your room decoration: sometimes all that’s needed for a stylish bedroom is a cover in color combination with the sheets. Try shades of white or off white for a calm, restrained scheme. Think of neutral tones, add thick linen textures and colors taken from beach pebbles for the bed runner. For a richer, warmer feel, choose a mixture of earthly tones or be inspired by the colors of north winter skies for your duvet with matching pillows. Natural materials and craftsmanship are becoming more and more important to our homes.

The product offer encompasses an elegant line of for the bedroom

  • sheets
  • duvet covers
  • accessories
  • quilts
  • blankets
  • decorative pillows
  • throws

You can choose from a huge variety of fabrics and a wide color palette to fulfill your individual requests or follow the well-known style of C&C Milano, in order to find the perfect bedding.

All luxury Italian bed linen sheets and covers can be custom tailored to suit the client’s individual needs. Elect the relaxed-look of the washed linen, the durability and breathability of the crispy one, or the classic pureness of cotton percales and sateen; these precious fibers will help you to give body to your ideal sheet. A modern and sophisticated atmosphere is created by the usual sense of color and harmony, typified by the C&C Milano style and taste.

Our attention to detail at C&C Milano is visible in the final phase of each project; everything is finished by hand by our highly skilled artisan workshop. We select the best quality materials to tempt you with modern and originally combined luxury quilts, bed runners and pillows especially conceived, and hand made with love and care in our ateliers. Our long-standing craftmanship will transform through a high level of customization a simple set of sheets in a work of art. Enjoy the elegant, sophisticated style ensured by generations of weavers; offer your bedroom an evocative and sumptuous bedding, your sleep the most comfortable coziness, and your bedroom will be our next project.

Enter the Italian C&C Milano world and you’ll be fascinated by the unusual co-ordinations and rich textures which are the leitmotiv of our style, inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes and colors.

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