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C&C Milano selects the highest-quality wool and cashmere fabrics to deliver luxury blankets

Coloured cashmere blankets

Top-quality blankets are usually made with wool and cashmere fabrics, which have always been part of the C&C Milano collections.

As is well known, browns, greys and whites are the traditional and most popular colours for decorating modern interiors, and blankets follow this principle too, even if sometimes they look more like men’s suiting fabrics (or fabrics constructed to look like them).

The luxurious bedroom however is one into which we would like to sink, wrapping ourselves in fluffy soft and warm fabrics.

Luxury wool and cashmere blankets (in addition to cotton or linen sheets) are so seductive that once you have tried them, it’s not easy to renounce.

What has the power to bring luxury to a blanket?

Luxury fabrics and customizations have. For example, a touch of velvet, a silk border, an embroidered initial on a wool or cashmere blanket can make the difference. The blanket softness can be emphasized by a contrasting textured fabric like linen used as a flat border for example, and the same fabric can be used to back cushions.

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