100% linen duvet cover in violet double faced in yellow linen
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Discover the extraordinary range of bright and natural tones of C&C Milano pure luxury linen and cotton duvet covers

Cadice duvet cover

C&C Milano duvet covers are customizable according to clients’ preferences. You can include a personal touch to the linen or cotton duvet cover either by adding monograms and trims or by requiring customized sizes and changing border’s colours to create an appreciable contrast.

Depending on the fabric’s weight and the fineness of its texture, almost every C&C Milano fabric in double width can be used to make a duvet cover. Being absorbent and washing well, both linen and cotton fabrics are ideal for duvet covers.

Neutral colours never go out of fashion, but especially in warmer regions and in summer seasons, hot colours for the duvet covers are most likely to match the climate. Brighter colours such as reds, greens or blues for bedsheets are also at home in the post-minimalist bedroom, even if pale and neutral tones such as grey, taupe and cream are especially suited for low-key modern style interiors.

There are countless different ways to decorate the bed, available to the interior decorator, and for example many effects can be achieved by the adding duvet cover of a contrasting color or embroidery.

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