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Quilts have always been a must have in the C&C Milano decoration range since the beginning

Velvet quilted throw doubled in white wool

Quilts have always had a place of honour among the proposals for the decoration of C&C Milano. C&C Milano aims at preserving this feature by offering new customizable luxury linen and cotton quilts to keep you warm and comfortable. A quilt is something that might appear nostalgic, but it can make a really charming effect on our beds. The C&C Milano quilt can have the same function as the bedspread, it can have contrasting borders or have special inserts in different fabrics.

The different quilting techniques can give a quilt a wide variety of looks: a simple quilting suggests a modern and rustic look, while a thicker quilting suggests a more elegant and refined atmosphere. The use of natural fabrics can help create unexpected contrasts with more sophisticated fabrics such as velvet and silk. The quilt is the most sensual of the decorative elements in the bedroom.

The contrast between cashmere and velvet, linen and silk, faux fur and linen can have unexpected and sophisticated effects. Going forward, C&C Milano’s offer will include an exclusive filling that will add an extra layer of warmth to our bedding, in the form of an innovative and eco-friendly cashmere stuffing made of materials of the highest quality, and a new type of padding that allows comfort and breathability for thermal insulation which still retains comfort and style.

In the same way as linen, it allows the exchange of air necessary to retain heat and moisture from the body. While the usual range of stunning colours and designs will be available as bespoke, we at C&C Milano are aware that conscious consumption and a future without waste is a duty and obligation for all of us.

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