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At C&C Milano every sheet is unique and every piece has been made with care

MANET bed sheets with contrasting embroiderd border

C&C Milano luxury linen bed sheets are entirely made in Italy with high-quality fabrics to ensure softness and comfortability to your sleeping nights. Their texture however, cannot be divorced from the way they look.

Some fabrics for bed sheets such as satin cotton capture light and have a relaxing touch on our skin; linen sheets instead have the added patina of actual age. In contrast with the simplicity of cotton, they look more substantial, contemporary and sophisticated.

Bed sheets fabrics can be seductive because they can really bring texture and luxury to our room. What you put on your bed is what touches you and influences you. Because of this, bed sheets say something about you.

What makes C&C a special brand is the ability to build a special model of sheets that reflects and distinguishes you. Applied borders, applications, embroidery, colours, textures: everything that can be used to customize your sheet ensures an extraordinary timeless elegance, that does not change with fashion, as well as an extreme quality.

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