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Home is where the heart is. What about the heart in a luxury hotel?

The first thing I do after taking possession of my hotel room is look around me wondering if I can feel good there as at home. The first thing I pay attention to is the bed. If it looks convenient, if I can read my book comfortably and see the view from the window. I always pay attention to the bath linens; I read the invitation card to respect the environment and store the towels with care. The formal-looking bathroom comes to life when I place my personal belongings and finally, after a relaxing shower, ...

I can place my feet on the mat, matching to the towels.

The table is also a test for me for my rigorous judgment: the tablecloth, the napkins, everything makes me be encouraged to linger in my meal, feeling at home. The convivial moments, especially the evening ones, with the help of a sparkling candle, make me feel really at home, among friends, relaxed.

One thing that always strikes me, especially at the entrance of luxury hotels, is carpets. Carpets are another focal point, which gives me the measure of how much a hotel is of value and elegant. It’s something that makes you want to go into the rooms, discover the rest of the furniture. The carpet shapes the room, delimits the space of the living room, frames the area dedicated to sofas and sometimes adds a touch of class, in a word define the style of the furniture.

I love it when I feel the decoration was made with luxury living in mind. I like also the concept of conservation. We need to protect the planet, so I think that a luxury hotel must ensure to welcome their customers with the best style, based on the knowledge of materials, the choice of craftsmanship, the devotion to the profession of those who have preceded them and is attentive to the territory and quality.

A luxury hotel has to create a wonderful experience, a mixture of a sense of achievement, of sleeping well, eating well, resting well, being comfortable. On the top of my list I put linen sheets, soft but thick bath towels, a white immaculate table and appealing carpets, where I wouldn’t be surprised to see a duchess stepping out bare feet. The primary focus for a mindful hotel customer is the sensation of feeling at home in a place where the exceptional standards of decoration and facilities really make the difference.

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