Beige linen bedsheets plain and striped


Even the smallest details are really precious in a hotel

Beige bed sheets and bedcover in cotton

The primary focus for an increasing number of hotels is performance and closeness to an homely atmosphere.

C&C Milano believes in beauty, in the power of quality and design to transform the everyday into something significant. From materials and customizations to the finishing, C&C Milano collection for the contract and in particular for bed’s equipment display an attention to detail that gives it a character all of its own.

Bed sheets are made by hand using sustainable practices to minimize waste and ensure that every set like may be not only totally unique but of the utmost quality. The hotel’s identity indeed can also be enhanced by the discreet elegance of bed sheets, that pay their tribute to the spirit of the location in a very contemporary manner, especially through the use of color and embroidery.

Thanks to the quality of the materials used, and the tailoring laboratories, the original C&C Milano home collections can help designers and decorators to bring a little of the unique Maison atmosphere into their interiors. Keeping an eye on the past while creating something new in the present, fabric is considered as both a creating material and one for decoration, so that a delicate mix of past and present, of quality and style is reached.

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