Brown bath set cotton bordered in linen


Towels can make or break the final outcome of a hotel bath decoration

It's possible to put embroidered logo or initials on terrycloth

Every project begins with understanding the style of the location, and its unique qualities. In our projects, we study the client’s favorite trends and tastes in order to find the approach that best resonate with him or her.

There is no perfect style, there’s only one perfect style for every project. Looking at majestic marbles or colorful ceramics, in choosing your towels you can start with the choice of the terrycloth, then adding the borders and the eventual embroidery.

The process sounds relatively simple, yet choosing among C&C Milano towel models involves some time and engagement. You can use towels as an element of surprise, mixing colors and finishing. You can capture a sense of romance by using an embroidery that evoke an elegant string of pearls, or use different linen textures for the borders to create a playful, modern look.

A soft, sleek bath towel set can help to relax in a hotel as if it was at home, far from the hectic life of working days.

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