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How much of happiness C&C Milano fabrics can bring to your spaces?

RENOIR bed linen in 100% linen with 4 hemstitch

People who don’t consider their gardens and outdoor spaces just a place where to spend some time during the summer, love to surround themselves with fabrics that excite their imagination, or give them pleasure.

Do your garden seats and decoration look a bit worn? Do they need more than a refresh?

Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the old garden sofa and cushions, or maybe small cushions and mattresses have definitely seen better days. What a lot of elegance and happiness you can give to your outdoor bedding and accessories by choosing color and making an impact.

All the seating and benching in the outdoor areas usually need more presence, like for example pretty patterns in intense colors to finish them and to add contrast with nature. It’s always amazing and delightful to see a garden come back to life, especially when the sun shines and the spring is coming back after a long wintertime.

We’re seeing a trend in unique outdoor fabrics that offer more than a simple performance, and a colorful look is now more important than ever. C&C Milano fabrics for bedding and outdoor furniture epitomize this trend.

As a multifaceted company, C&C Milano create collections which are more about combining a classic aesthetics with a sophisticated, unexpected freshness. Staying true to the brand distinctive style that characterizes the linen unmistakable textures colors and designs, the outdoor collections gently enhance the natural environment through a contemporary look.

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