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SPA represents an opportunity, and the perfect spirit of relaxation

SPAs are quite all the same, but only up to a point. Generally speaking they have to be pure, sober and graphic. The most stylish ones are covered in natural stones and wooden furniture. But covering and hangings, as much as marble and mosaics are fundamental and can make a SPA glamourous and sublime. Equally important is the attention to detail, that can derive from the choice of the best towels and bathrobes, as well as the matching mats. A warm, welcoming atmosphere in which the guests feel to be well received is a protective ...

and fascinating one.

A SPA is a place where to take refuge after from a hectic life, switching off our phone. Our body deserves a special treatment and pampers. C&C Milano natural materials, linen fabrics in particular, are in harmony with the peaceful and placid ambience of the most beautiful SPAs. The feeling of warmth, cleanliness, fresh scents attract us irresistibly and make us abandon to relaxation.

A C&C Milano terry set with delicate finishes or a hand-finished bathrobe, sewn with quality terry and maybe doubled with a very fine linen can really make the difference. What can transform an aseptic thermal center in a cozy nest is the choice of a special color for towels, an embroidered logo or a cushion covered with a special fabric that does not fear moisture. Fabric is the root of every decoration, and the sense of poetry that comes from an environment with attention to detail is priceless. But aesthetics go hand in hand with quality. C&C Milano is able to offer everything you need to set up our favorite places of relaxation, from slippers to bags where to store your personal items.

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