Napkins and tablecloth in 100% linen Laveno colour white milk
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Handmade fabric napkins always give a warm feeling to our favorite tables

Coloured 100% lnen napkins cm. 45x45

Leonardo Da Vinci became intrigued by the fundamental needs of the human being, he dedicated himself to the art of gastronomy more than anything else. His knowledge of herbs and spices grew when he was a boy when working at a tavern in Florence. He invented machines that can be considered as predecessors of today’s modern kitchen accessories.

He became ‘Gran Maestro’ of all feasts and banquets at the Sforza court for more than 20 years. The well documented bad eating habits of the 15th Century must have annoyed Da Vinci as he created a small tablecloth to clean one’s mouth and hands: the napkin.

We like to imagine Leonardo Da Vinci as a passionate gourmet, striving for elegance paying attention to the table design. Da Vinci’s attention to table design detail is clear and evident as we can see in his ‘Last Supper’. The linen tablecloth and napkins (plain or herring-bone, or with embroidered initials or symbols), has always been a symbol of propriety, elegance and distinction for every fitted table.

The C&C Milano tables, with pure linen tablecloth and napkins, carry us ideally to the Renaissance tables, that were surrounded by spices and scents Leonardo loved to experience for new drinks and potions.

The linen or cotton napkins enrich and decorate the tables, enhancing the purity of shapes grace to embellishing embroideries, such as the hemstitch, the ‘spaghetto’ stitch, the simple and double cord.

C&C Milano is specialized in made to order products and gives the maximum attention to details. Linens in 300 cm. width are the best for each elegant and refined mise-en-place.

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