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Choose the patterns of your wallpaper and instantly add personality to your spaces

Wallpaper, a big protagonist of Sixties and Seventies interior decoration, has recently made a strong coming back. And it is not only a question of trends. Wallpaper has also been recently appreciated because of the many options it gives you to play with home decoration: you can use it to give personality to an entire room, to one wall only, to an arch, to a door passage or to your wardrobe. C&C Milano wallpaper collection is a perfect complement to the textile range with the stand-alone ability to add an understated elegance to the interior spaces.

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wallpapers reproduce iconic C&C Milano fabric patterns such as charming stripes, jacquard patterns, gentleman geometries as Prince of Wales and pinstripes. All of them will be the perfect choice to make every room of your home unique.

Imagine for example a family with three children and each of them wants his/her room personal and different from the others. It will be easy to make them happy decorating their walls with wallpapers in different patterns and colours but keeping the same feeling and understated elegance than the rest of the house. The rooms will still be sophisticated and perfect to be a guest room in case of need. If you are fond of flamboyant palette you can’t miss our wallpapers with ethnic looking geometric motifs, such as “Chevron” and “Tuareg” taken from the original fabrics, and your walls will magically look like hand painted with natural pigments in the North African way.

If you want to go for more subtle, muted shades you might be inspired by the delicacy and the grace of “Leaf Flower”, that reminds the subjects of the English illustrators in the late 19th century, or by the minimal Japanese-style texture of “Sake”. Some of these wallpapers have been given a silver or gold finish, all of them provide a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Total customization

To those clients that have fallen in love with one of our fabrics that has not been reproduced in the wallpaper collection, we offer the option of a customized “wallcovering”, the perfect substitute of the traditional wallpaper. The fabric is layered with a special film that glues it perfectly to the wall. Our home is where we can have creative freedom, where we express our personality and uniqueness. The perfect idea to make a space special and with a strong character, is to transform one of our walls in a mural.

Thanks to a special technique we can transfer one of your favourite photos on a wallpaper, covering the entire size of the wall. Whether it is a country scene, an architecture, the sky or the sea, the result will be fun and a big design statement!

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