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Select dimensions, colours and patterns to create your customized carpet. Dream about the carpet of your life and bring us your idea; we will take care of it

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Cutomize your hand knotted carpet, over 200 colors to choose from

Please notice: the customization is possible for wool, silk and outdoor carpets. The other fibers are available in natural colors.


Even though sometimes carpets are the last thing to do when decorating a space, it is a fact that what covers the floor is just as important as what hangs on the walls. A carpet is for sure a strong piece of decoration that will leave its mark in the look of a room, not only making it feel warm and cosy, but sometimes also giving the direction to the ...

entire decoration. A carpet is the perfect piece to renew an old room without changing anything else or can be the starting point for something completely new. A carpet can be the first protagonist of a room and stand out against a plain minimal decoration or can be a neutral element entirely integrated in the style of the decoration. A carpet with strong personality can end up being part of the family they live with and move with the people every time they change their home.

C&C Milano carpets collection has been designed selecting colours and patterns matching the fabric collection, to make it really easy for clients to create an harmonious decoration.

The hand knotted Kilim carpets, hand- made in Iran, are 100% in natural wool with 51 shades of colours all based on natural pigments. The textures are very strong and easy to clean. They are perfect for all kind of destinations: villas, palaces and hotels and at the same time country homes or modern apartments.

The silk carpets are hand knotted with the Senek knot technique (120.000 knots per square metre).

We selected an antiqued finishing that balance the shine and shimmer of silk and keeps the same feeling of understated elegance of our fabrics. Therefore, those carpets, despite their look for sure more precious and sophisticated, can equally fit a very elegant or a casual atmosphere.

Those carpets are completely customizable, and you can:

  • chose an existing design, request changes or variations to an existing design (change of pattern, content, construction, border or colour), or request a custom design
  • specify shape and dimensions, select colours from samples of coloured wool, provide samples of the colours you want. A colour rendering of the custom coloration or design will be provided free of charge for approval prior to production of the strike-off
  • a strike-off (woven sample measuring 15x15 cm for plain and 40x40 cm for design carpets) of the design will be provided to confirm carpet design, scale and coloration
  • after strike-off approval, depending on the fineness of weave (knot count), number of colours used, intricacy of design and the size of the carpet), the delivery of a custom order takes between 3 to 6 months
  • since carpets are handmade, drawing proportions and colours shades can vary 10% from one to the other carpet, and this is a precious feature because it attests the originality of the manufacturing

If you like modern minimalist decoration you can chose our monochrome carpets hand-knotted in Nepal with a contemporary looking rough texture but a very soft touch. They are produced in hemp, cactus and cashmere and they are perfect both for a modern apartment in town and a country or mountain home.

And for your outdoor spaces we propose a group of natural looking, weather and stain resistant carpets, with a mélange three-dimensional texture that reminds natural straw.

You can choose the size and if you want you can have a cotton hem of your favourite colour. And if you have dogs going in and out your country home all day, these carpets are just the perfect solution also for your living room!

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