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The choosing of curtains can be way to create a new style for our home

The choice of your house’s curtains will certainly transform you into a passionate decorator. If it’s true that our homes reflect intimately our personality, textile will become an integral part of the game.

If you ask someone what they would change about their homes if they could, most of them would say: ‘the curtains’, because they are regarded as the most powerful decorating element of the house.

The importance of curtains

Most people like simple and not heavily decorated drapes (they can be also roman blinds with cords); they might reveal the surroundings through the window glasses or ...

create a heavy barrier between the house and the outside. They can have the purpose to welcome you in, creating a dramatic effect; they can match the colours of the painted walls or wallpapers or even give a grandeur to the house itself. The key to the curtains’ importance is the fact that they are at the same time a protection for our shelter and an opening on the outside world.

Closing the curtains drapes is an intimate gesture and the way to not be seen anymore. You stay at home in the morning, when for an hour you have to re-plan for the day, and in the evening, (when you do not go out and you relax), chatting or studying. You can find a real luxury within the simplicity of the lines of a curtain, with the help of clean and elegant panels of pale colors, or enrich the décor combining colors and materials haphazardly.

But the most important thing is that the curtains harmonize with the structure. Neutral materials will allow us to dialogue more with space, while choosing attractive patterns or enriching the curtains with passementerie will help us to enlighten our personality and touch of style.

Even a monochromatic house with a classical elegance, through a “proper” tailoring of the curtains (corresponding to the right color and materials) can become handsome and elegantly ‘casual’, as if it was done by a designer.

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