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Simple and colorful: this is how I would define cotton. A practical solution for an everyday use

Cotton bedding set in Percalle Maranello

Cotton is a natural fabric made from fibers deriving from plants. It is the best-known and most widely available fabric in the world. It accords well with the mood of contemporary decoration, it’s at home with minimalism and simplicity.

Cotton can be used in all contexts; on the bed, for sofas, windows and tables; depending on the cotton’s weight, it can be the strongest and most hardwearing material for our home. On our beds, cotton sheets offer the ultimate in practicality and never go out of fashion: Cotton is always fresh and young.

It’s definitely very easy to work with cotton, and it always wears well. C&C Milano colorful cottons are always one of the greatest tools for decorating the bed. Brilliant reds, blues that remind us of Mediterranean Sea and sky, delicate greens, warming browns, greys and neutrals. Countless shades are available to dress our bed: fruits and flora, landscapes and atmospheres from across the world can be our inspiration.

Cotton, being the simplest and plainest fabric, can be used to contrast with fabrics of the same color but with a more distinctive texture (C&C Milano roughest linens, or the smoothest wools). Cotton is usually used to back quilted throws and cushions too. For the reasons of strength and stability, cotton can also be an excellent upholstery fabric. It offers familiar comfort and easiness, (attributes that everyone would want to confer to their favorite sofa).

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