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Decoration fabrics for upholstery, curtains, bedding and every room: are there any rules or shall we just play with them?

A fabric can make your apartment seem larger, or richer, or it can help you decorating the space in a fanciful way, whimsical and romantic, or on the contrary minimalist and serious. Style makes the difference, and style depends on your vision of life, on your personal aesthetic that has developed over many years through your experiences.

Generally speaking, we can say that linen fabrics generate cosiness and warmth, silk inspires luxury and richness, wool creates intimacy, cotton exalts simplicity and a ‘less is more” context. Velvets can make your space look like a painting, while ...

printed can help you to create a decorative complexity, inspiring new mix and matchings. Acrylic fabrics instead make colours more vibrant and shining, while leather is the epitome of modern impeccable luxury.

The truly sophisticated decorators love to mix all the different fabrics. Linen for the curtains to gain the see-through effect and the sensation of a living material. Linen for the sofas again, to escape from the boring aspect of the classical living room furnishing. Velvet is for the unexpected armchair that surprises us with its flashes of light. Wool and cashmere bordered in velvet on pillows to keep close to the cheeks on cold winter evenings. Silk outlines and make the contrasts more vivid.


Choose dramatic contrasts with your favourite fabrics and you will create energy; you will feel that colors will chase and call each other. When you like a neutral atmosphere you can then add a juxtaposition of different fibres and fabrics to add personality and unexpected contrasts. The immateriality of light gauzy linens and the texture of the heavier ones help you giving your house an authentic and lived look.


Just experiment new fabrics combinations; explore the contrasts between wool and silk, linen and velvet, or different patterned prints. Striped, checked, solids, light or dark coloured fabrics can bring freshness and give spirit to your favourite furniture, while fire retardant will guide you to extraordinary contract adventures. What about upholstering the walls with fabrics? They will become your quilted, three-dimensional unconventional shell. Does your living room need an intriguing touch? Give it a piece covered in a different, contrasting fabric; you just need something pretty and joyful to give an updated coté to an old-styled room. For your indoor-outdoor experience outdoor-indoor fabrics with a strong character in vibrant colors will give a distinct, contemporary styling and virtually limitless application.

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