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Our supportive clients greatly appreciate C&C Milano fabrics for upholstery

Most of the times the external context determines the choice of the decoration fabrics for upholstery and influences it

Whether you are thinking about an urban apartment, a mountain house, a country manor or a boat, the question is always the same. Each room must be created following the personality of the customer, reflecting it and trying to realize their ideals.

A sofa is more than a place to sit, it’s a living element for the room that gives a character and a spirit, in a word it creates an atmosphere. An ...

upholstery fabric can be warm, luxurious, inspiring, energetic, glamorous, but above all unexpected. For C&C Milano Linen represent the first choice, because it embodies the relaxed and cozy style of the Italian Luxury standards.

Chairs, sofas and armchairs are often in living rooms where you sit down entertaining people; that’s why they need to make the room very peaceful. When we think of the styling of the furniture the first things, we have in mind are colors and patterns. Color is a distinctive mark and each person has his favorite ones. Please remember that darker colors absorb light, so upholstering should be chosen considering the absence or presence of natural light and open spaces.

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