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An embellishment of your comfort zone in form of unexpected furnishing elements

‘Textiles that complement architecture’ is the best way to describe C&C Milano’s approach to design. Our refined combination of different materials produces  leading edge textiles for use in interior design and interior spaces.

The C&C Milano lifestyle design is well expressed within the bespoke range of home linens, rugs and curtains. Integral to this concept is an absolute attention to detail and the ability to offer fully customized items on residential and contract projects.

The C&C Milano furniture line has been designed by Piero Castellini Baldissera, an experience echoing the clean, linear style as recognised ...

in C&C Milano, fusing innovation with tradition.

In the past

Growing up in Milano, C&C have always been breathing the air of the most creative and fertile Italian craftsmanship of their time. After all, they have owned, renovated and lived in the most beautiful Milanese houses of the 2000s.

The C&C Milano furniture line has been recently reconfigured, and after a few changes has become perfect for modern homes, that do not forget the value of hospitality and at the same time preserve an inviting and comfortable style.

We can say that the furnishing line complement the C&C Milano’s fabrics, trims and wallpaper collections, including pieces and accessories made with the most famous and iconic products of the collection itself.

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