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Our wedding trousseau? a handcrafted ‘life baggage’ that reveal a heart

No wedding is banal nor dull, as far as our love story is always passionate and full of daily sensations that we will cherish for all our life. The approach always come from our heart, and eventually from our creative part. When we are choosing what we’ll be the decoration and equipment of our future home we are always caught by a spirit of innovation and a quest for beauty. Interior decoration is not only a garment for the home, but it also reveals individuality. Our past time, our experiences, our affinities make a magic mix ...

that’s our taste.

Why not expressing ourselves through the choice of the colors and materials that will make up our home linens? Surround yourself with colorful luxury tablecloths and table linens for your wedding if you want to feel happy and energetic; choose balanced and neutral tones if you prefer a contemporary allure. In decoration we always have to respect a certain equilibrium and detail is always important, but apart from that, we have to feel at ease at home, that’s all. The atmosphere of a house is created by the fabrics used to decorate it, just like the clothes can dress a body in a proper and personal way.

Our senses are always involved: bedsheets are like a shirt, a white linen set must not be missed. Think of a silk scarf, and how it fits our dress: in the same way the softness of the towels made with the best quality terry fabrics, with embroidered initials, will make our bathroom tints combine with the colors of our favorite rooms.

C&C Milano Home Collection proposals can dress the bed and bathroom creating a harmony between texture and color, in a way that allows you to create a décor that’s faithfully yours. You can choose the fabrics for the finishing details, you can also match the embroidery for any of your home linen item; in the same way you can combine the cushions with the sofas, the wallpaper with the curtains …and so on. Of crucial importance is, obviously, conviviality. The family that will be created after our wedding, and their best friends, will feel immediately at home at their ease.

The sensation of a house that’s alive is given by the things that the couple have chosen and arranged. They feel good, they start their rituals, they temporarily disconnect from everyday reality. The living room, together with the kitchen, are the most versatile spaces, where people enjoy reading, eating, drinking, talking or watching tv. C&C Milano vast choice of fabrics for tablecloths, table mats and napkins will give you an everyday pleasure by sitting at the table. A wedding is also a wedding of two styles, so make a playful experience of it by attaining the magnificence of C&C Milano luxury fabrics for decoration, linens and all lifestyle.

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