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Of all the wonderful materials we use to decorate our homes, silk is the most shimmering

Eden silk cushion

Nothing is more desirable then the silk texture. With silk, our sense of sight is flooded with vivid colors and women wrapped in precious throws. Nothing like silk captures light in its depths, that’s why elegant silky curtains immediately put us in mind of a sophisticated sitting room, conversations and having a good time at night.

Silk is glamourous, it creates a sumptuous mood of luxury and it enlightens the atmosphere. C&C Milano silks are striped or plain; they are ideal for curtains, but also for covering chairs and stools. The style of mixing stripes with other patterns has found favor across the world, but there are countless possibilities offered to designers and interior decorators. Silk goes well with dark wood antique furniture, with Persian rugs, and with deep colors such as burgundy reds, musk greens, chocolate brown and even black. We can say that silk brings prestige into our homes. It is an astonishing fabric that, like linen, comes almost readymade from nature.

Silk taffetas padded curtains can also be a solution to introduce a note of glamour to the interior and can be matched with the quilt draped across the bed for a sensual effect. A dramatic allure can be obtained thanks to silk heavy taffetas curtains, that hang fabulously and reflect daylight or candlelight with equal strength. Always recognizable as a sophisticated fabric, it can be used with almost any style.

The beauty of silk has always captured the beau monde taste because it radiates luminescence. This fabric is sensual, tempting and aristocratic. If you plan to decorate with this fiber, making curtains or cushions, please keep in mind that it’s not a very ‘practical’ material, in the sense that it can’t be wash in the washing machine.

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