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Create your own chicest table linens infusing new colors and styles

In the famous film “ Babette’s Feast” an exquisite meal , prepared with love and generosity, makes the miracle of bringing harmony and happiness through sensorial experience among the guests sitting around an elegantly decorated table with an impeccable white luxury tablecloth.

Entertaining can be considered a refined, difficult art and to make the Babette’s alchemy happen you need to know how to put together few ingredients: first of all good food, prepared with love and generosity, second the right wine, carefully chosen to accompany the food. Both for the pleasure of the taste.

But as eating involves ...

all our senses, if you want to throw an elegant dinner you should not forget the aesthetic of the table and its tabletops, for the pleasure of the sight

Table setting is part of our culture since very old times: wealthy families have always taken careful care of the tables where they were eating as featured for example in Leonardo’s famous Last Supper.

As we can see in many antique paintings, tablecloths were in precious pure linen, proudly showing the pleats left by ironing (irons were a rare object at the time and were implying the wealth of the family); napkins only appeared later and apparently were invented by Leonardo himself , who was disgusted by the habit of the time of cleaning fingers and mouths on the tablecloth.

C&C Milano interprets with a contemporary spirit the elegance of the traditional table cloth and napkin, and offers the service of a complete customization in the choice of fabrics, colors, shape and the dimension of the table, embroidery, trimming, monograms.

Today entertaining can be also more relaxed and easier and tablecloths and napkins are not necessarily only in a traditional crisp white. The alternatives come in all kinds of colors, stripes, jacquard. Strictly in linen.

For a more informal table or when best times are spent around a kitchen table with family and friends, luxury table runners or mats can be an easier but still very elegant choice with their coordinate napkins and coasters. These come in all kind of colours, stripes and printed degradé geometries.

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