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A C&C Milano linen tablecloth preserve the best traditional Italian style and quality

C&C Milano tablecloths

Your house has a soul and it’s your kitchen. Your table has an aura that other objects do not have.

The tablecloth is an essential element, and something you can collect and with which you can play. A tablecloth can bring a sense of energy and enliven the whole table. Decorating your table with a special tablecloth can add beauty, and vitalize daily life.

Whether you choose a Nordic and simple style, or a more Mediterranean one, let your tablecloth mirror your sense of design.

C&C Milano color palette for linens and cottons in double width, suitable for tablecloth, includes whites and off-whites, greys and neutral colors, but also the coolest greens, blues, reds and yellows. Whether you live surrounded by nature or in a city, if you appreciate good food, friendships and good mood, surround yourself with beautiful decoration fabrics. For your tablecloth we’ve been studying special fabrics and colors, such as the “maché” linen, for an understated still elegant style, and the tablecloth will appear discreet, robust, contemporary.

Furthermore, when you’re looking for more elegant materials, and a display that will enchant the guests, go for a sophisticated and traditional tablecloth, maybe in total white with a dark eggplant border, or however a contrasting one.

Discover C&C Milano embroidered, unique and handmade tablecloth, looking at the DANCE collection, which consists of four embroidery styles: BACHATA, LAMBADA, MAMBO, MAZURKA, SAMBA, VALZER. All of them are contemporary interpretations of classical linen decoration, to create unique pieces in which craftsmanship and style combine.

It is now possible to give the table a classic, yet modern look. The advantage is that one can choose the embroidery color for the tablecloth among a wide range of tints.

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