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Choose C&C Milano trims to maintain a clean look that emphasizes the handcrafted quality of the home finishes adding a touch of originality to all accessories

Trims can be at the same time sophisticated and refined. With their strong and vivid colors they can give an appealing energy, becoming evocative reflections of a Renaissance past, or warming with striking contrasts a simple linen-covered cushion or curtain.

The reason underneath trims’ existence is to give a personal touch to homes through the addition of small colourful details. Our passementerie trims have been designed to match not only curtains and bed linens, but bathroom mats as well.

C&C Milano trims, made of 100% dyed acrylic or polyester, range from simple and clean patterns ...

such as Trotto, recalling Seventies vintage ribbons, to more elaborated and exotic designs, like the one observed in Safari.

The magic always comes from the mix: C&C Milano’s trims, because of their intrinsic charm and simple patterns, look casual but still with their dramatic appeal. Some of the trims have geometric patterns, others are minimal, but they all have the same timeless style and quality. Depending on their application, trims can make a vivid contrast or create a colourful medley. Trims can represent a sure way to transform a total-linen accessory; they can represent the je ne sais quoi that make our window curtains or our bed special.

see video: https://vimeo.com/184029439

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