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Take a seat and immerse yourself in the enchanting surroundings of the world's most beautiful restaurants.

C&C Milano fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories are featured in public projects all over the world, meeting the needs of architects and designers, and determining the personality and unique nature of each environment. C&C Milano consultants can meet their exigent customers’ taste and help them in giving a makeover to their spaces, in harmony with their way of hospitality. 

Tropicana, Plage de Ramatuelle

Tropicana Plage de Ramatuelle is a beach-restaurant located in an idyllic corner of B...

Makoto Bal Harbour

In the year 2022, Makoto Restaurant - part of the Starr Reastaurants - underwent a remarkable transf...

Colette Restaurant by TPK photo Jeanne LOZAY
Colette Restaurant, Plage des Chevrets

A familiar atmosphere for the restaurant Colette designed by Christophe Bachmann; breathtaking view ...

C&C Milano Ojai Valley Inn - Olivella restaurant
Ojai Valley Inn

The star of Ojai Valley Inn’s restaurant collection, Olivella, establishes a deep connect...

Hiroko Ashihara
Genyadana Hamadaya

Hiroko Ashihara is one of the very few designers in Japan with comprehensive creative capabilities t...

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