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Show your true colors with C&C Milano specific outdoor fabrics

Rattan chair with cushions in pic-nic outdoor fabric

Choosing a pillow is telling a story. There is a renewed appreciation for patterned fabrics, because people are more and more wanting to show what they love: they seek memories, they don’t simply follow trends but their goal is to design their space connected to their tastes and story.

Fabrics can provide intrinsic vibes for any location connecting customers personalities with their homes. Innovation and craftsmanship run parallel in C&C Milano collections for outdoor; for example, the ‘Pic-Nic’ collection for pillows and upholstering epitomize elegance, refinement and suitability.

Again, outdoor fabrics in the ‘Isola’ collection can bring a striking sense of style to any garden or veranda thanks to their classical but intriguing characteristics. Working in close collaboration with their clients, C&C Milano creates curated atmospheres, paying a special attention to finishing details. When choosing cushions for your living spaces please consider they have to be:

  • timeless and evergreen
  • unmatched in quality and design
  • eclectic
  • one-of-a-kind and bespoke.

C&C Milano collections reflect the ethos of real luxury lifestyle: exclusive and with characters, they provide an identifiable character that underlie the whole composition.

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