Striped special carpets with special colors


A carpet that will be able to inspire and capture décor enthusiasts

Regular stripe carpet 100% wool special colors

At C&C Milano we are happy to offer advice on hotel restoration, consult on which carpets work better for a project, and give opinions for a fresh, inventive and timeless decoration.

Creating a dream carpet for an hotel means shaping a specific ambiance with distinct features and finishes. More and more hotel owners and decorators are discovering the benefits of redefying the space with beautiful carpets with endless possibilities.

Versatility and customization enhance standout materials and artisanal finishing: a carpet can be elegant, yet modern at the same time when it’s unique.

Applied borders can provide the ultimate finishing touch for a carpet; a leather, a trim, or a different wool color can make the difference. A carpet can also be matched with the shades, the draperies or the wallpaper.

You can style your customized stylish carpet following your imaginative vision, creating a unique piece and playing with colors, forms and functions.

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