Embroidery finishing on linen table mats


A wide choice of made-to-measure tablecloths for the best hotel table

In a restaurant the table is the dedicated space for people to spend time with family or friends; it’s a sort of sanctuary that anyone can enjoy, feeling relaxed. A very elegant, yet unpredictable fabric for the table that appeals to both men and women looks warm and inviting, but chic at the same time.

You can opt for a monochromatic scheme with white, solid color to evoke restfulness and calm, or for a more decorative, harmonic and soft patterned fabric. You can also create a “zen-like” table with green touches, or use energizing colors to bring some spirit and soul breaking up with the total white look.

The ideal is to feel casual, sophisticated and eclectic, maybe matching the table equipment with curtains, carpets or even wallpaper.

When seating on a hotel table, you are immediately stimulated, and the fabrics of the napkins and tablecloth make you want to have them at home.

One of C&C Milano’s fortes is to experiment with juxtapositions of different fabrics and textures to build new decorative experiences and creating intriguing looks for the traditional table setting. The artistic impulse always guide C&C Milano’s ways and inspirations.

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