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How to reinvent the traditional bed runner through the modern aesthetics of fabrics

Quilted bed runner in black velvet back in linen

When asked what every bed should have, don’t forget to think about the bed-runner. When, to say it with Morris Lapidus, “too much is never enough”, adding a bed runner to our bed can really make the difference.

The bed is really the heart of a house. Whatever style we have chosen for the decoration, our bed must possess characteristics of warmth and softness, while maintaining an elegant and refined look. Whether we choose classic and decorated linen, or we prefer strong colors, or small geometric patterns, it is always possible to create exquisite contrasts with a bed runner, using for example linen, velvet, wool or cashmere.

The most traditional bed runner is quilted or padded, but it doesn’t have to be necessarily like this: we can also choose a light bed runner, which is purely decorative. The important thing is to ‘finish’ the bed, to make it lovely and decoratively perfect. It’s fascinating to use specific colors to bring out the bed linens, working with opacities and brilliances and adding a classy touch.

Everything is possible in the decoration; the bed runner will be able to creatively highlight our most intimate and private corner.

  • classic bed runner in velvet or silk
  • modern bed runner in linen
  • embroidered bed runner with initials or other customizations
  • wool or cashmere bed runner

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