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When you design your room, put a linen C&C Milano night gown in it

beige pajama and night gown hand made and custom made

Luxury reveals itself in many forms, and C&C Milano can offer you the right inspiration. Our aesthetic is a blend of classic sensibility and sophisticated modern style, together with a strong passion for colors and textures.

Gowns and all C&C Milano homewear are a range of stylish items which can be worn at leisure around the home or spare time. The collection has an informal note and includes pajamas and dressing-gowns, all in comfortable and rich C&C Milano fabrics, such as cashmere and wool.

C&C Milano’s gowns are a super chic take on the traditional home homewear. When it’s cold outside…it’s warm inside with the custom-made cashmere gowns, and when it’s warm outside the linen gowns are so classic and cozy that you will feel your most comfortable. Seating in the living room, having an afternoon nap or relaxing in your home C&C Milano gowns and accessories will make you feel stylishly at home, and want to stay in some evenings.

Details are not simply details; they always define you. Promote your lifestyle, and bring C&C Milano home accessories help you do that. Dress up your summer evenings with a C&C Milano linen gown, and winter eves with cashmere ones, because nothing captures the essence of summer better than linen fabrics, and in order to have your best moments at home, renovate your style with 100% Italian made homewear.

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